All the machines are operated by well qualified staff to ensure optimum results.

Machining & Refurbishments

All of our machines are operated by well qualified staff to ensure optimum results.  Our capabalities are as follows:

  • Vertical machining - Maximum size of  5.3m diameter x 3.2m high
  • Turning - Maximum diameter of 2m x 10m length
  • Horizontal machining - Maximum size of 5.5m longitudinal travel x 2.5m high
  • Milling machines - Maximum size of 4.5m longitudinal travel x 1.8m high
  • Drilling machines and certified welding
  • Lifting capacity of 50 tons


Parnis ensures that the refurbishment and manufacturing processes are undertaken in a professional manner, and that the resulting products are completed to the clients satisfaction.

The Range

  • Mine Winders & components
  • Boiler components
  • Fans and Fan Casings
  • Trunnions
  • Furnace Shells
  • Mill heads
  • Sheave Wheels
  • Crushers & components
  • E-houses
  • Shafts


Our mobile or modular E-houses are fully equipped electrical substations manufactured using insulated steel panels, designed to provide the best customized solutions.


Our turnkey service includes design, fabrication, assembly, electrical and fire installations, testing certifications and site installation if so required.


Permanent: Primary distribution in an isolated region
Temporary: During peak load periods, the unit serves as a stand by unit
Mobile: Units can be moved as per site requirements

The Advantages

  • Cost, space and time saving
  • Units manufactured and tested complete at our factory
  • Quick to install on site
  • Durable, insulated protection for your equipment

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