In a bid to constantly improve working conditions and reduce our carbon footprint, Parnis is always on the look out for new and effective possibilities that can be implemented. We have recently installed polycarbonate skylight sheets. These allow a large amount of natural light into the factory thus reducing the need for artificial lights during daylight working hours and create a better work environment. Induction lighting has also been installed throughout the factory. This lighting consumes less than half of the wattage of the older lights, whilst providing more light.


Giving Back

In committing to the future growth of our nation, Parnis Manufacturing is dedicated to contributing to the community and to giving back.Our approach to this responsibility is to annually identify various non-profit organisations requiring assistance and to contribute not only financially, but also by giving of our time and our energy.

In the recent past these organisations include:

•    Cotlands
•    Meals on Wheels
•    Alberton Child Welfare
•    Employ & Empower Deaf cc

The housing quarters for orphaned children at Alberton Child Welfare were in dire need of repair and paint and Parnis Staff and contractors worked together to improve these premises.



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BBBEE Certificate

TAX Clearance Certificate



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